Pete Tessier of the Insurance Podcast – The Hostile Take Over – Episode 8, Season 2

The Digital Insurance Pint Podcast is pleased to announce that they have completed a hostile takeover of The Insurance Podcast

“The combination of these two entities will form an unrivaled podcasting empire in the Canadian insurance space” said co-host Adam Mitchell. “There can be only one” agreed co-host Tom Reid.

The deal was led by co-hosts Steve Earle and Jeff Roy. They have identified some significant synergies and economies of scale in the deal. As a result, Pete Tessier has been released from his role with immediate effect. “$#^$! you guys” said Pete.

With this acquisition, DIPP will now control 90% of the Canadian insurance podcasting market either directly, or indirectly, through its network of affiliates. The company has agreed to abide by anti-monopoly laws and will not raise its prices for at least a few days.

This deal is subject to regulatory approval, but is expected to pass easily because no one really cares about it.

More detail can be found in the attached video, where we also cover:

  • How smaller brokers are better equipped to pivot to consumers than the mega brokers on Enterprise platforms
  • Do we even need a BMS?
  • BMS’s are the biggest friction point in our business
  • BMS’s care more about their competition than our competition
  • Brokers Assn’s are prioritizing brand over connectivity
  • In what world does it make sense for a $10M broker to be on the same platform as a $200M broker?