Season 5 – Episode 10 : Mergers & Aquisitions – (PART 6)

In this episode we interview Joe D'Annunzio, President of Brokerlink

Selling the insurance brokerage in which you’ve put a lifetime of effort is no small step.

How do you know that you’ve got the right partner? The right price? The right place for your clients & staff?

Good news – the DIPP crew has done a bunch of legwork for you. Our M & A series covers some of the most important questions & brings you the answers, right from the source.

We asked Western Financial Group, Navacord, Rogers Insurance (CBN), AJ Gallagher, Westland, Brokerlink and HUB International the following questions:

  • Where did your firm come from and where are you going?
  • Why should a broker sell to you – what value do you bring?
  • What’s your target broker?
  • Does a broker with a strong digital presence get a valuation boost?
  • Do you want former owners to stick around?
  • Do you keep the original name?
  • What’s in it for the acquired employees?
  • What’s in it for carriers?
  • Who wins & who loses?
  • How do you value a brokerage?
  • What can a broker do to make their business worth more?
  • How do valuations compare between heavy CL brokers vs heavy PL brokers?
  • Does a ROFR diminish the value of a brokerage?
  • What is your firm’s end game?

In this episode, you’ll hear the answers straight from Shawn DeSantis, Navacord CEO