Season 7 – Episode 10: Existential Threats

This is take 2 on “what keeps you up at night?”. The DIPP crew discusses major industry issues including the rise of vehicle theft, OPCF 49, broker cancellation as a way to manage carrier profitability, embedded insurance, connectivity and technology progress. If that wasn’t dark enough for you, the team also discusses potential existential threats such as earthquake and banking collapse.


  • The endorsement debate raises questions about the effectiveness and fairness of endorsing certain insurance products.
  • Embedded insurance in vehicles and other products presents opportunities for convenience and cost savings, but also raises concerns about consumer awareness and bypassing traditional distribution channels.
  • Progress has been made in improving connectivity and technology in the insurance industry, but enforcement of standards and proper implementation remain key challenges.
  • Existential threats like earthquake and banking collapse could have significant impacts on the insurance industry and brokers need to be aware of these risks.