Season 7 – Episode 2: CPC – What Do Brokers Want?

The DIPP crew explore the evolution of contingent profit sharing commissions (CPCs) in the insurance industry, as well as the factors that affect CPCs, such as loss ratio and retention, and the challenges brokers face in managing CPCs. They also explore the role of brokers in fraud prevention and the importance of data accuracy. The conversation highlights the impact of external factors, such as weather patterns and regulations, on CPCs. The participants discuss the need to reevaluate CPCs for the future and find ways to incentivize desired behaviors. They also touch on the changing landscape of insurance and the challenges brokers face in navigating the current environment. The conversation explores various challenges and considerations in the insurance industry, particularly related to property insurance rates, moving portfolios, penalties for insurers, contingent profit commissions (CPCs), challenges for smaller brokers, the trade-off between CPCs and efficiency, causes of insurer profitability issues and the need for continued adaptation and collaboration.