Season 7 – Episode 6: Tracy Riley

In this conversation, the DIPP crew are joined by Tracy Riley, Chief Insurance and Technology Officer at Wawanesa Insurance. They discuss the importance of real-time connectivity, Wawanesa’s API sharing initiative, the significance of mutuality in the company, and the decision to opt out of aggregators. Tracy also shares insights into the responsible use of AI in underwriting and the disbanding of the Digital Broker Council.

Overall, the conversation highlights Wawanesa’s commitment to improving the customer experience and supporting brokers in the insurance industry. Finally, Tracy discusses the role of APIs in connectivity and ecosystems, future technology investments, and supporting the broker channel.


  • Real-time connectivity is crucial for improving the customer experience and reducing friction in the insurance process.
  • Wawanesa’s API sharing initiative demonstrates their commitment to making the industry better and supporting brokers.
  • The concept of mutuality is an important value proposition for Wawanesa, guiding their decisions and actions.
  • The responsible use of AI in underwriting requires careful consideration of potential biases and transparency in decision-making.
  • Wawanesa’s decision to opt out of aggregators is driven by their focus on providing value through broker advice and personalized service.
  • Wawanesa is focused on streamlining processes, enhancing service levels, and implementing AI to improve customer experience.
  • Wawanesa is committed to supporting the broker channel and providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.