Season 7 – Episode 8 Adam Hare

In this episode, Adam Hare, CEO of Petley-Hare Limited, shares his journey in the insurance industry and the rebranding process his company went through. The conversation covers topics such as the impact of branding, the cancellation of carrier contracts, and the process of rebranding a brokerage. Adam emphasizes the importance of staying true to your brand and making tough decisions when necessary.

Adam discusses his journey of starting an agency, creating a meaningful brand, and the lessons he has learned as an entrepreneur. He shares his accomplishments, mistakes, and the importance of reinvesting in your business. Adam also emphasizes the need for collaboration in the industry and the desire to change the perception of the insurance industry.


  • Branding plays a crucial role in the insurance industry, helping brokers differentiate themselves and attract the right customers.
  • Rebranding can be a challenging process, but it allows brokers to align their brand with their values and target audience.
  • Choosing the right carrier partners is essential for a brokerage’s success, and sometimes it’s necessary to cancel contracts with underperforming carriers.
  • The rebranding process requires careful planning, understanding of the target audience, and a clear vision of the company’s values and messaging.
  • Collaboration and working together can lead to better results in the insurance industry.
  • Creating a meaningful brand goes beyond just a logo and involves understanding your team and what makes them tick.
  • Mistakes are a part of entrepreneurship, and it’s important to learn from them and pivot.
  • Reinvesting in your business is crucial for growth and success.
  • The insurance industry needs to change its perception and be seen as something to be proud of