Season 7 – Episode 1: Louis Gagnon

In this episode of the Digital Insurance Pint Podcast, host Tom Reid and his colleagues interview Louis Gagnon, CEO of Intact Financial Corp. They discuss various topics, including Louis Gagnon’s journey to becoming CEO, improving service in facility insurance, Intact’s strategy for CSIO standards-based APIs, balancing connectivity and aggregators, and the system switch and platform development at Intact. The conversation covers various themes related to the insurance industry, technology, customer experience, and challenges for the future. The complexity of technology and the need for constant improvement and security are highlighted. The benefits and usage of Client Center, as well as the evolving role of brokers, are discussed.

The comparison with other industries and the importance of service and connectivity are explored. The challenges of cyber security, social issues, and climate change are also addressed. In this conversation, Louis Gagnon discusses the need for brokers to adapt to the changes in theP & C industry and stay close to their market and people. He emphasizes the importance of investing in technology and creating a positive work environment to keep employees happy. The conversation concludes with a lighthearted discussion about having fun in the industry.